Special Screenings

A number of special screenings or events take place at the Riverview. Please be aware that there may be a different admission price or policy in effect for these screenings. Our regular film programming schedule runs from Friday-Thursday. Because of an occasional special event, our schedule can change from day to day, so it is best to check the schedule for the particular day you plan to attend.

Wild & Scenic Film Festival

The Wild & Scenic film festival will be coming to the Riverview on Thursday, September 20th. Click here for more information.

Cat Film Festival & The Dog Festival

It's all about the cats and dogs here at the Riverview This November. The Cat Flim Festival will play November 3-4, The Dog Film Festival will play November 10-11. Check back for more information.

Adventure Film Festival

Don’t miss the Minneapolis premiere of the Adventure Film Festival. This event showcases a diverse collection of the year’s most groundbreaking independent films, art, music, and more that inspires activism through adventure. Thursday, November 15, Program and Film Details coming soon!

Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music

Mark your calendars and ready your singing voice, the Riverview's annual Sound of Music Sing-a-Long has been scheduled for November 23-25 and December 1-2!

Manhattan Short Film Fest

Join us September 28 to October 4, 2018, when over 100,000 film lovers in over 250 cities across six continents gather in Cinemas, Museums, and Universities for one purpose...to view and vote on the Finalists' Films in the 21st Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival. The program will play each day at 5:00pm, Admision is $5. More information can be found at manhattanshort.com

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