Special Screenings

A number of special screenings or events take place at the Riverview. Please be aware that there may be a different admission price or policy in effect for these screenings. Our regular film programming schedule runs from Friday-Thursday. Because of an occasional special event, our schedule can change from day to day, so it is best to check the schedule for the particular day you plan to attend.

The Chromium Hook

Join us in celebrating the Platinum Anniversary of "The Chromium Hook." Monday, October 28th at 7:30pm.

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Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music

Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music returns to the Riverview this fall! November 29-December 1 & December 7-8 at 3:00pm. Advance tickets are on sale now.

Little Men World Premiere

The world premiere of the local short film, Little Men is on Saturday, October 26th at 10am, Admission is $6-$10. Q&A to follow the film.

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Risking Light

Risk­ing Light is a thought-pro­vok­ing doc­u­men­tary that explores resilience, and the painful process of mov­ing from grief to com­pas­sion and for­give­ness. After the film, stay for remarks by Mary Johnson, whose story of meeting and forgiving the man who murdered her son is featured in the film. Tuesday, November 19th at 7:00pm, Admission is $10 in advance or $12 at the door.

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Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Mark your calendars, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy has been scheduled for Sunday, December 29th, Advance Tickets will be available soon!

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Join BikeMN and Cycling Without Age Twin Cities for MOTHERLOAD, a crowdsourced documentary about a new mother’s quest to understand the increasing isolation and disconnection of the digital age, its planetary impact, and how cargo bikes could be an antidote. Stick around after the screening for a Q&A Skype session with director Liz Canning. Thursday, October 24th at 7:00pm, Admission is $10.

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