Special Screenings

A number of special screenings or events take place at the Riverview. Please be aware that there may be a different admission price or policy in effect for these screenings. Our regular film programming schedule runs from Friday-Thursday. Because of an occasional special event, our schedule can change from day to day, so it is best to check the schedule for the particular day you plan to attend.

2019 Women's World Cup

We will be showing select matches of the 2019 Women's World Cup. Admission is Free, click the above link to see the current scheduled matches.

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The 48 Hour Film Project

We will be hosting screenings for the 48 Hour Film Project on Tuesday & Wednesday June 11 & 12 and the Best of the 48 Hour Film Project on Thursday June 20th at 7:00pm. Admission is $10 per screening.

Summer Late Night Movies

Our Summer Late Night has begun! The series will play on weekend nights through September 7th, click here to see the full list of this summer's films. All seats $3, all shows start at 11:30pm unless noted otherwise, watch our schedule for extra showtimes!

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Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music

Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music returns to the Riverview this fall! November 29-December 1 & December 7-8 at 3:00pm. Advance tickets are on sale now.

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Grateful Dead: Meet-Up at the Movies 2019

Come one, come all! On Thursday, August 1, join Dead Heads in your neighborhood and around the world in celebrating the 9th Annual Grateful Dead Meet Up at the Movies. This global event features the previously unreleased June 17, 1991 concert from Giants Stadium. Widely considered one of the greatest shows of the band's final decade of performing, 6/17/91 also sounds unlike any Dead show you've ever heard as it was one of only two recorded on 48 track. Mixed by Jeffrey Norman in glorious surround sound with video from the multi camera live edit, this will be the first time the Bruce Hornsby and Vince Welnick line-up has ever appeared on the big screen. Opening with a shocking "Eyes Of The World," the Dead were firing on all cylinders from the opening notes of the show, mixing beloved classics like " Truckin ’" and "Uncle John’s Band" with rarities including "Saint Of Circumstance," "Might As Well," "New Speedway Boogie," and "China Doll." But the real standout was the recurrence of "Dark Star," which was woven in and out of the playlist, making no less than six distinct appearances and teases during the show. The Dead capped off the spectacular night with a perfect song to send the crowd on its way, The Band’s “The Weight.”

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